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The following excerpts were taken directly from workshop evaluation forms:

From staff at New Path Youth and Family Services, Barrie:

Guest Speaker – 5/5

Engaging speaker, passionate,

Great personality and it was a pleasure listening to her

Kelly was a great presenter. Her stories and personal experience were a large part of what made it so easy to listen to.

Wonderful speaker!


I found Kelly to be excellent with her delivery, balance between experience, fact and how she tied it all together

Fantastic presenter, very authentic and shared some of her personal examples. Her approach to presenting this content was very helpful. She provided concrete examples and also tied in present day relevance. I’ve been to several FMNI presentations and Kelly was by far my favorite.

Content – 5/5

This was a heavy topic for discussion but Kelly was wonderful at lightening the topic where she was able to


Loved her humour and knowledge in traditional teachings. I’ve been to many Aboriginal trainings and worked in Aboriginal agencies and this was the best.

She presented the facts in a well organized presentation that applied to the work we are doing with clients.

Relevance – 5/5

I learned things that I believe should be taught in schools. Anyone who deals with public should have this kind of training.

Very relevant

Can use in my work.


I will be using the information daily.

This was the first presentation where I felt I learned more than just a world view. I understood the link between historic trauma and why its impacting today’s FMNI families. I understood some changes in my language, how to be more culturally specific and her example of “equality does not mean sameness” was very meaningful to me. Also the FMNI idea of “gifts with responsibility.” It parallels strength based approaches; however ties in the responsibility piece in having each of these gifts.

Very relevant to our work and understanding of her culture.

Overall - 5/5

Very dynamic speaker and moving.

I like the interactivity and that everyone got to participate in the smudging.

Great interactivity, really appreciated the check in circles and the smudging.

One of the best training days I have experienced. It was so good it leaves me wanting more, ie the next level or next steps. Very interested in the healthy agency model.

From participants in a web seminar on Aboriginal issues in Geriatric Care:

"You are such a tremendous resource and advocate for Aboriginal rights."

"Thank you for a terrific and enlightening presentation."

"Your presentation today really opened up my eyes to a lot I was unaware of."

From Participants in Cultural Awareness Training:

"Everyone should have this training."

"I spent years in university taking Native Studies courses. No one ever explained it in a way that was so balanced from all perspectives."

"I just didn't know!"

"We need Kelly back. This is just the beginning."

From Children's Program Staff and Administrators

"Kelly Brownbill is an excellent and very gifted speaker."

"She is able to make a strong connection with her audience."

"She is intelligent and insightful, expressive and exceptionally articulate. Her presentation is organized and effective."

"She is instructive and holds the interest of the audience while emparting educational content."

"She projects understanding, empathy and balance when addressing difficult or emotional issues."

"The Aboriginal historical background and cultural awareness content of her presentation was excellent and her program would be informative and instructive to a wide range of audiences and organizations."

From Aboriginal Participants

"I never knew...."

"I could never have told my story so well. I feel like Kelly broke open my heart, found my words, and shared them with everyone. My story has been told"

"I went home last night and called my Dad. We talked for 3 hours. Our silence has ended."

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